Stem Cell Center

Stem Cell Center Introduction
What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell Therapy is one of the alternative medicine that has recently been spotlighted around the world. We give hope and the possibility of fundamental treatment for the incurable disease using Stem Cells.
Our Stem Cell Therapy Center at Anicom Medical Center cultures placenta-derived Stem Cells which, has been proven safe. And through this, mass production is made possible. we are striving to improve the life quality of companion animals through the development of research technologies production of Stem Cells with excellent abilities.
We are striving to improve the life quality of companion animals with research and technology development for Stem Cell quality.


Why do we need Stem Cell Therapy

The first Stem Cell Therapy was initiated for the treatment of leukemia. With hematopoietic Stem Cell transplantation, the donor's healthy bone marrow restores cells that are damaged in the patient's body and also helps to kill cancer cells by increasing immune modulation.
As above, Stem Cell Therapy is in the spotlight as a future medical treatment for incurable diseases that are difficult to treat with modern drugs or surgery.


What is a specialty of Stem Cell cultured by Anicom

  • Placenta-derived Stem Cells are used to produce high-quality Stem Cells that are more stable than adipose tissue-derived Stem Cells.
    We culture high and better quality Stem Cells through an aseptic and clean laboratory with a positive pressure system.
    The skilled veterinarian with a doctor's degree and long experience maintains and cultures stem cells.


The culture room at Anicom

Anicom cell culture room intro
We can manipulate Stem Cells in an aseptic condition and a positive pressure system. In addition, we provide high-quality Stem Cells safely by using a specialized culture medium to culture only Stem Cells without any contamination. Also, we focus on contamination checking all the time.


Published Stem Cell Papers

  • 1. Case report of amniotic membrane derived-Stem Cells treatment for feline chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

  • 2. Case reports of amniotic membrane derived-cell treatment for feline chronic renal failure

  • Clean Bench

    Provide an aseptic work environment by blocking pollutants from the outside

  • Deep Freezer

    Stem Cells are stored at very low temperatures

  • Incubator

    Provides an optimal environment for Stem Cell culture by controlling humidity and temperature

  • Centrifuge

    Process Stem Cells to be suitable for Stem Cell Therapy using centrifugal force

  • Down-light Microscope

    Microscope for observing the cultivation of Stem Cells of consistent quality.