Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy How to treatment
How to treatment
  • Depending on the disease of the companion animal, stem cell treatment is customized to each disease. Please check the following treatment methods and refer to them when consulting

    • Fluid Therapy
    • It is a method of treatment with stem cells by intravenous injection. Homing effect which stem cell has is basic theory that stem cells attached on damaged sites through blood circulation in the whole body.
    • Retinal injection Treatment
    • Stem cells are injected directly into the retina of patients with vision problems to regenerate cells and secrete bioregulatory factors. And this repair damaged cells and tissues.
    • Skin injection
    • The injection of stem cells into the skin directly on companion animals with skin disease can heal it promptly.
    • Joint Cavity Injection
    • Repeated wear causes the cartilage to wear out gradually and it causes arthritis and inflammation product to build up in the joint cavity. Stem cells are directly injected into damaged part to restore cells and tissues.